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< Privacy Policy

By using this Website you agree to the privacy policy of Combet as set out below. Combet will review this privacy policy periodically and reserves the right to modify parts of this policy at any time and at its discretion. We recommend you review these pages periodically for any updates. For the purposes of this privacy policy, Personal Information means information or an opinion (including information or an opinion forming part of a database), whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an individual whose identity is apparent, or can reasonably be ascertained, from the information or opinion. This privacy policy will not apply to websites which are linked to this Website and over which Combet has no control. In this privacy policy, a reference to "National Privacy Principles" means the National Principles for the Fair Handling of Personal Information.


You are welcome to browse our website without ever providing us with your Personal Information. However, if you wish to deposit funds, place a bet and/or withdraw funds, you will, for legitimate reasons, be required to provide us with certain Personal Information so that we are aware of whom we are communicating with. We only collect such Personal Information as is required for the purpose of identifying you for your own security and maintaining your account. The Personal Information we collect can be viewed in the Edit Account Details area of our website. If you do decide to provide us with Personal Information, we will retain that Personal Information. By choosing to provide Personal Information on our Website, you consent to our collecting and retaining that Personal Information. We will collect Personal Information in a lawful and fair way, and not in an unreasonably intrusive way.

Use and Disclosure

Combet does not give, sell, rent, share, or trade any personal information regarding our Clients to third parties, except as set out below. All Combet employees are subject to confidentiality agreements in respect of client's details and trading habits.

When we collect Personal Information on our Website, we may use this information to:

  • provide you with the services you have requested, or meet the purpose for which the information was submitted;
  • upgrade, enhance and personalise your experience within the Website, or tailor our information, services or products for you;
  • contact you for direct marketing or other promotional purposes;
  • create aggregate data about our clients, such as average age, gender, demographics and other statistics to allow for more - efficient operation of this website;
  • determine your liability to Australian GST.

By choosing to provide Personal Information on our Website, you consent to our using your Personal Information as set out above. Personal Information that you submit to our Website may be disclosed to a third party:

  • to the extent necessary, to provide the service you have requested or to meet the purpose for which it was submitted;
  • if we have informed you of the particular third party to whom it will be disclosed, at the time of collection;
  • in order to participate in activities with business partners and sponsors, who will be identified to you when the relevant Personal Information is collected;
  • to the extent necessary to carry out the uses which are set out above;
  • if the disclosure is required by law, permitted by the National Privacy Principles, necessary to co-operate with a judicial process or a law enforcement agency, necessary to protect and defend the rights or property of Combet , this site, or participating sites, or necessary to lessen or prevent unlawful activity or serious threats to individuals, public health or safety.Betting transactions conducted over the Internet are securely stored by Combet and may be accessed, observed, recorded, provided to and analysed by the relevant controlling body, inspectors from the NSW Office of Liquor & Gaming NSW and local law enforcement agencies (ie NSW Police) and any other person as required by law as per section 26(I) of the Betting and Racing Act 1998.

Betting transactions conducted over the Internet are securely stored by Combet and may be accessed, observed, recorded, provided to and analysed by the relevant controlling body, inspectors from the NSW Office of Liquor & Gaming NSW and local law enforcement agencies (ie NSW Police) and any other person as required by law as per section 26(I) of the Betting and Racing Act 1998.

Data Security

We will take reasonable steps to protect Personal Information from misuse, loss, and unauthorised access, modification and disclosure.

Non-Personal Information

We may decide to use and disclose non-personal information relating to your account usage. For example, we may decide to disclose aggregate average data for statistical purposes to current or potential stakeholders in Combet or for determining future marketing plans or upgrades to our website. Apart from mandatory information we need to provide our services to you, there may be data that does not personally identify you collected to monitor and improve our service. For example, when a web page is visited the URL of the page is recorded together with the time and date and the browser software being used. Each time you log into your account on our website, our web server will issue you with a cookie to authenticate you as the account holder. Once you are logged into your account on our website, specific or aggregate information may be collected and logged for security purposes. For example, our server recognises your domain name, IP address and the pages that you visit. These logs may be used for the resolution of problems and disputes.

Access and Correction

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the Personal Information we collect is accurate, complete and up-to-date. The Personal Information collected can be changed by entering the Edit Account Details in the Account section after logging on. Details of your transaction history can be found in the All Bets and Pending Bets areas of the website.


You consent to the use or disclosure of your Personal Information in circumstances which are:

  • set out in this privacy policy;
  • clearly explained to you at the time when the information is collected from you;
  • or permitted under the National Privacy Principles.


Combet and this privacy policy may be subject to applicable legislation, regulations and codes of practice. To the extent that this policy exceeds the minimum obligations of Combet under the Commonwealth and Territory legislation, this policy serves as a documentation of our voluntarily self-imposed standards. While we are determined to meet those standards as best we can, to the extent permitted by law, Combet is not liable if it does not adhere to any of these voluntary self-imposed standards, for any loss, liability, costs, expense or damage arising as a result of Combet failing to meet any of the voluntarily self-imposed standards in this policy.

< Code Of Practice

The Code of Practice is a voluntary code of self-regulation and is to be read in conjunction with the relevant legislation, regulation and rules of the racing codes and sports betting authorities in each State and Territory. The handling of complaints related to the Code is not intended to replace any policies or procedures that may exist as part of the above legislation, regulation and rules.

Regulatory Compliance

All Bookmakers will abide by the rules and regulations of the Government and the controlling bodies in the jurisdiction in which they propose to do business. All Bookmakers must be issued with a bona fide license from the controlling body in their jurisdiction and operate under the authority and within the scope of that license. The relevant controlling body and/or L&GNSW may in writing direct changes to be made to the website.


The respective Bookmaker Associations in each jurisdiction shall ensure the financial and character bona fides for all Bookmakers for whom they provide fidelity guarantees or, where applicable, ensure that obligations to Government Authorities are met.

Relevant Acts

Combet is bound by the following rules and acts: Betting and Racing Act 1998, Unlawful Gambling Act 1998, Betting and Racing Regulations 2012, Betting Tax Act 2001, Greyhound Racing Act 2017, Greyhound, Harness and Thoroughbred Rules of Racing.

New South Wales


1.     To develop and promote guidelines and programs for the responsible delivery of wagering products and the advertising and marketing of the bookmaking industry;

2.     To enhance the development of the bookmaking industry throughout all member bodies;

3.     To responsibly provide services that will enable wagering to be a socially rewarding leisure and entertainment activity;

4.     To assist those patrons who experience wagering-related difficulties with information on, and direction to, appropriate support services;

5.     To enhance the public perception of the bookmaking industry;

6.     To comply with government policy relevant to bookmakers;

7.     Australian Bookmakers’ Association to continue to be the body to integrate and require State Associations to develop generic initiatives for the provision of responsible gambling nationally.

South Australia

To view South Australian Codes of practice please refer to the following link:


< Contact Us

How can we help you?

Combet Pty Ltd

02 9188 9971

***Combet does not Deposit Match***

< What Is Combet?

Combet is the world's first Computerised Betting Site to be fully automated and controlled by a computer.

Combet's mission is simple: Keep costs low & offer The Best Prices

If you are sick and tired of taking low odds and being treated with contempt by your current Bookmaker, then join Combet today.

These are the top 5 reasons why an increasing number of people are choosing to bet with Combet:

1. Combet offers the Best Prices

2. Combet does not Ban or Restrict Winning Punters

3. Combet offers Instant Withdraw (and is the only betting site on the planet with a Withdraw button on the home page).

4. Combet offers a unique "Next To Go" experience unlike anything else on the market

5. Combet is the first betting site in the world to set its opening prices by Auction

Combet is for both the professional punter looking to get set, and the casual punter that loves betting Next To Go. 

Combet Auctions
Combet’s computerised betting system is looking to find the right price for each runner. For Auction races, it does this by finding the lowest price a punter is willing to take and using that price to set the market. Punters have the option of either placing an order during the ‘premarket’ period (i.e. prior to the auction starting) or placing a bet into the live auction. The punter is rewarded with a great price and generous bet limit.

Auction Advantages
Auction market percentages regularly finish below 100%. That means you could have backed every runner and won on the race, if you staked each runner based on their price. These auctions present exceptional opportunity for value and with limits well above MBLs, all punters can now get set and get great odds.

Betting After Auction
Betting continues after the auction right through until the jump. Combet aims to have a competitive market percentage right throughout betting. As the prices are automated, this presents a great opportunity for value from when the prices are first auctioned right through until jump.

< About

Combet Pty Ltd (ABN 79 312 881 812) is licensed by New South Wales Greyhound Welfare and Integrity Commission and regulated by the New South Wales Office of Liquor & Gaming

Combet Pty Ltd is independently owned by Jake Howard, and is a member of the NSW Bookmakers Co-Op.

All rights reserved.

< FAQs

Q. What is Combet?

A. Combet is a Computerised Betting Site where opening prices are set by auction.

Q. What does Combet stand for?
A. Combet stands for Computerised Site. Metaphorically speaking, Combet stands for doing everything it can to deliver customers with the best possible prices.

Q. How do I participate in the auction?
A. You have the option of either placing an order during the "premarket" period (ie prior to the auction starting) or you can place a bet into the live auction.

Q. What time does the auction start?
A. Auctions generally start from 10am Saturday morning, with an auction happening every 5 minutes. The schedule of auction start times is made available on the website from Friday morning. The premarket period is open from 8am. 

Q. How does the auction work?
A. Once the auction start time is reached, all premarket orders are locked in until the auction is completed. At the commencement of the auction, all runners will open up at the same price and 5 seconds later the price for all runners will push out slightly higher, and 5 seconds after that they will push out slightly higher again. The system is designed to continue pushing horses all the way out to $1000, unless an order is matched, or someone steps in and takes the price.

Q. How long does the auction go for?
A. The auction take about 5 minutes, depending on what price the longest priced horse goes for. 

Q. What happens after the auction is complete?
A. The system will automaticaly recalibrate the market to around 120%, where betting will continue right up until the race jumps. 

Q. When can I place orders?
A. Orders can be placed as soon as the fields are published on Combet's website in what is reffered to as the "Premarket" period. Fields will generally be published once acceptances are released, however we are currently trialling different options. The premarket period opens at 8am Saturday.

Q. How do I know if my order is successful?
A. You will recieve a notification at the top of the page in the form of a pink dot. When you click on the pink dot, you will be informed if your order was successful.

Q. What happens if my order is unsuccessful?
A. Your order will remain open until such time as it is filled or until you decide to edit or cancel. 

Q. Does Combet offer deposit matches?
A. No! As part of its lean model, Combet doesn't offer any promotional products such as Deposit Matches, Bonus Bets, Odds Boost etc. Instead, Combet is a low margin operator that focuses its energy on providing customers with the best prices possible.

Q. Why doesn't Combet accept credit card payments?
A. Credit Card Fees (and fraud) are one of the major costs for online wagering operators. So instead, Combet uses PayID for instant and secure Deposits and Withdrawals, as the fees are much lower, enabling Combet to offer better prices than it's competitors. 

Q. What is PayID?
A. PayID is an instant payment solution built by the Australian Financial Services Sector and the Reserve Bank of Australia. It is supported by the majority of Australian banks and credit unions, and was introduce as a way to securely transfer money instantly, as opposed to having to wait 2 or 3 days for a transaction to clear like a previous EFT bank transfer.

Q. How do I use PayID?
A. Once you have registered and verified your Combet account, click on the Deposit Button at the top of the page and click the green button that says "Create PayID". This will issue you with a unique combet email address. Once you have copied this unique email, simply log into your bank account, select "pay anyone" and choose the "pay by email" option (as opposed to BSB). From here you can simply paste the unique combet email address into the field, and any money transferred to that email address should arrive instantly in your account.

Q. Why didn't my first PayID payment arrive instantly?
A. As a security measure some banks may choose to delay first payments to a new recipient for up to 24 hours, in particular for larger amounts. If you experience such a delay, simply contact your bank and they should be able to release it for you. Once your first payment is made, you shouldn't have any issues with additional payments.

Q. How do I withdraw money?
A. By clicking on the green withdraw tab at the top of the page. When you pay by PayID, the account details from which you paid will be securely stored, allowing you to transfer money back to this same account.

Q. How long does it take to process withdraw payments?
A. Payments are processed instantly, giving you instant access to your money whenever you need it.

Q. I've registered an account but can't do anything?
A. Once you have registered an account, the first thing you will need to do verify your account. Once you have done this, all features will be enabled.

Q. Does Combet ban winning customers?
A. No, Combet does not ban or restrict winning customers.

Q. Does Combet ban customers using bots?
A. No, Combet does not ban customers using bots. In fact, Combet offers an API for customers looking to use a bot.

Q. What is the maximum bet amount?
A. Combet clearly displays the maximum bet amount for each race in the bottom right hand corner of the race table "ie Win $2000"

Q. What is the max bet button?
A. The max bet button has been programmed to allow customers to quickly calculate the maximum amount they are able to have on a runner.

Q. Does Combet offer sportsbetting?
A. No, Combet does not offer sports betting or international events. Combet focuses its attention on Australian racing.

Q. Does Combet offer place betting, exotics and multies?
A. No, Combet offers win only betting. The win market is by far the biggest of all markets, and by not offering other bet types, Combet can focus on delivering the best win prices possible.

Q. Is Combet a publicly listed company?
A. No, Combet is privately owned with no intentions of going public. Combet's focus is on doing the right thing by its customers, without the external pressure of shareholders seeking profit.

< Developers

Combet has an API available for anyone wanting to integrate Combet's prices onto their website.

< Bet History
Date Race Runner Bet Price Return Status

* Indicates a deduction has been applied or a dead-heat has occurred.

< Responsible Gambling

Combet takes responsible gambling and the welfare of its clients extremely seriously. Combet understands the impact gambling can have on individuals and their families.

BetStop - National Self-Exclusion Register
The National Self-Exclusion Register is a free service for people who want to exclude from all Australian online wagering providers. For more information visit:

Gambling Help
Combet works with NSW Gambling Help and encourages anyone who is being affected by gambling to contact them on:
1800 858 858

Be Responsible
Recognising that you may be developing an issue with gambling is the first step to regaining control.

  • Gambling should be entertaining and not be seen as a means of making money.

  • Only gamble what you can afford to lose.

  • Never chase your losses.

  • Keep track of the time and money you spend on gambling.

It can be useful to track your gambling habits in order to find out if you need help. If you are experiencing difficulty controlling your gambling habits, you should visit the NSW Gambling Help website and spend a few short minutes completing the anonymous self assessment questionnaire in order to determine your gambling risk level. Should you have an issue with gambling we encourage you to seek advice. Confidential help and counselling is only a telephone call away at Gambling Help 1800 858 858 (FREE) where you can engage with counsellors who understand that you need a safe anonymous place to seek such information about staying in control of your gambling.

Stay In Control

Combet offers several ways to help you keep control of your gambling.

To monitor your betting transactions, a full history of bets, withdrawals and deposits can be found on the Transactions page.

Pre-Commitment (Deposit Limit)

Research shows that issues with gambling are reduced when members decide in advance how much money they are willing to spend. Combet offers a pre-commitment facility for clients, which allows clients to limit their deposits over a specified period. Once you set your deposit limit, you can lower the cap effective immediately or should you decide to increase your limit, you will be required to give seven days notice, allowing you the option to reconsider your change.

Any changes to the pre-commitment limit will be processed as per the following guidelines:

  • Remove Limit

    • 7 days delay to remove limit.

  • Same Time Period

    • Higher Limit

      • 7 days delay to raise limit.

    • Lower Limit

      • Lower limit instantly.

  • Different Time Period

    • Longer Period

      • 7 days delay to raise limit.

    • Shorter Period

      • Lower limit instantly.

Self Exclusion

Self Exclusion (banning yourself from gambling websites) can help reduce your gambling opportunities. If you need a break from gambling, you can opt to self-exclude from Combet for a specified period or permanently. You can access the self-exclusion facility via your client profile. If you feel you need more help to stop gambling, you can download software to disable your access to online gambling sites : BETFILTER or OPTENETPC

Preventing Children From Gambling

Combet only accepts clients who are 18 years of age or above. We seek personal documents to verify information given to us and dedicate resources to ensure minors do not wager on our website. Parents and guardians are not allowed to let minors use our services under any circumstances.

If you suspect someone underage is using the Combet website, please contact us so appropriate action can be taken. Internet filters can reduce the chance of underage gambling and we recommend NETNANNY or CYBERPATROL

Codes of Practice

Certain States and bodies have set codes of practice that apply to their residents engaged in gambling or to gambling providers licensed in various jurisdictions. Please visit Combets Code of Practice for more information

< Terms & Conditions


1. Combet Pty Ltd ATF The Combet Unit Trust (ABN 79 312 881 812) is a company registered in Australia under the Corporations Act 2001. Combet is licenced and regulated by the Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission (GWIC) and approved by the NSW Office of Liquor, Gaming and Racing (NSWLG&R) to accept wagers over the internet.

2. By opening a Combet account, or placing a bet with Combet, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out in this document. Additionally by opening an account, you are deemed to have read and accepted Combet's Privacy Policy.

3. To open a wagering account with Combet you must be aged 18 years or older. A "Client" is a person who holds an Account. Any reference to "you" or "your" in these rules is a reference to a Client.

4. You agree that the service offered by Combet is the ability to place a bet with the possibility of a win or a loss.

5. Any rule is subject to change without notice. It is the responsibility of the person seeking to rely on the Rules to ensure they are referring to the most recent Rules published on

6. In the event that any Terms outlined in this document fail to address some unforeseen situation, then L&GNSW rules or rulings will apply.

Client Responsibility

1. Clients are responsible for ensuring that their records, particularly address, telephone number, and payment/bank details, are kept up-to-date and notify us immediately of any incorrect account details. If a Client has not kept their records up to date, Combet reserves the right to close the Account.

2. The client agrees that by registering with Combet, their contact details, including email address, mobile number and mailing address, may be used by Combet to keep them informed about their account and the services of Combet. Combet does not sell personal information to other companies.

3. There are limited circumstances in which external organisations may be given access to your personal information. An example is when a sporting or racing governing body (Australian or State) requests betting and/or client information to assist the governing body with a legitimate inquiry in respect to maintaining the integrity of the sport.

4. You maintain ownership rights to your personal information, however in the event of a business transition, such as a merger, corporate reorganisation or purchase of part or all assets owned by Combet, we may transfer your personal information to a successor entity. 

5. For more information regarding the use of your personal information, refer to the Combet Privacy Policy.

6. It is the Client's responsibility to ensure that their password is kept confidential. If a Client suspects that their details may no longer be confidential, they should notify Combet immediately. Providing identity can be confirmed, passwords can be reset online and via contacting Combet directly. Upon notification of the new details, Combet reserves the right to invalidate any future transactions which utilise the previous details.

7. If a client wishes for another individual to have access to their account (including family member, business partner etc.) this must first be approved by Combet and details for that person provided. The Client remains solely responsible for their account, including but not limited to transactions and bets made by any authorised individual. This is only permitted under a Power of Attorney.

8. Clients will be responsible for all wagers placed on their Combet account using their password unless they have notified Combet as per the rule above. Any wager made where the password have been used will be regarded by Combet as being valid and may not be changed, canceled or modified unless the Client informs Combet as soon as practicable after the wager was placed (but before the event has commenced) that the wager was made in error and the initial wager shall only be voided and replaced with another wager at the sole discretion of Combet management.

9.Where a client opens an account with Combet, the client must comply with points set out in Client Identification Requirements to our satisfaction to fully activate your account, and deposit or withdraw funds

Client Identification Requirements

1. When signing up for a Combet account, clients will be requested to provide: Drivers Licence Number, Full Name, Date of Birth, Mobile Number, Email Address and Residential Address.

2. Combet uses FrankieOne (a 3rd party online verification system) to verify a client's identity automatically upon opening an account.

3. The identity of a client must be verified by FrankieOne prior to being able to deposit, withdraw or place bets.

4. The verification process will happen seamlessly upon registration. In the event that the FrankieOne system is unable to confirm a client's identity, Combet will contact the client, requesting further proof of identification.

5. Clients are required to be verified within 14 days of opening an Account. If the Client's identification has not been verified within 14 days, the account will be closed.

Deposits and Withdrawals

1. All deposits and withdrawals are securely made using the New Payments Platform (NPP), via Zepto as Combet’s preferred third party payment provider.

2. Upon signing up for an account, all clients are issued with a unique PayID that can be used to deposit funds instantly into their Combet account. A client can find their unique PayID by clicking on the Deposit Button.

3. Should a client not use their unique PayID for a deposit for a period of 15 months, the PayID will be deregistered in accordance with NPP rules. A new PayID can be generated through the Deposit section of the Combet website viewed after clicking the Deposit Button. Clients must exercise diligence in ensuring they pay funds to the correct PayID, and Combet accepts no liability for funds paid to the incorrect PayID.

4. Combet does not accept payments by credit or debit cards as a means of providing a higher level of security and limiting risks associated with fraud and responsible gambling.

5. Whilst Combet processes deposits and withdrawals instantly through the Zepto platform, clients might experience a delay of up to 24 hours for their first deposit as a security measure enforced by the clients bank. Any delays are outside of Combet’s control and should be followed up directly with the clients bank. In addition to delays associated with first time deposits, on rare occasions, further delays may occur due to technical error with the NPP, or anti-fraud activity conducted by your Bank. These delays are again outside Combet’s control.

6. For security reasons, deposits will only be accepted if the funds are coming from a bank account that contains the same name as the Combet account holder.

7. Withdrawals can only be made to bank accounts where funds have been deposited from. The Zepto platform collects this information after a deposit is made. If you require a withdrawal to be sent to a different bank account, you must provide Combet with evidence of the account being held in your name. A bank statement with sensitive information redacted will suffice for the purposes of this requirement.

8. As an Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing measure, all deposited monies must be turned over at least once, prior to being withdrawn.

9. The Combet system endeavors to process all withdrawal requests instantly through the Zepto platform. Any delays are likely to be with the clients bank and are unfortunately outside of Combet’s control. Should you experience a delay with receiving funds, please contact your bank.

10. Combet does not offer credit or credit betting.


1. Combet reserves the right to withhold deposited funds and/or winnings from resulted bets when we believe any fraudulent activity involving deposits or withdrawals may have occurred.

2. Combet will report any inappropriate or fraudulent activity to the relevant authority. The Client's Account may also be permanently closed.

3. Combet reserves the right to close the Accounts of, and void any or all bets made by any person, group, or corporation in an attempt to defraud Combet.

4. Combet does not accept credit card payments, as a measure of reducing fraud.

5. Combet only allows deposits and withdrawals to be made via the Zepto payment system as a way of reducing fraud.

6. As an integrity measure, employees, subcontractors, or other agents of Combet are prohibited from betting with Combet, and any account of such agents may be closed without notice at Combet’s discretion.

Reserved Rights

1. Combet does not allow persons under the age of 18 years to hold an account. If any person under 18, for example your children have access to the computer you use to log into the Combet website, we recommend the installation of a child protection software package. (Eg Net Nanny)

2. If any price offered on our website is clearly an operator error or a result of a technical malfunction or malicious attack, we reserve the right to cancel bets placed at this price prior to the commencement of the event whereby all cancelled wagers will be timestamped accordingly. Combet will endeavour to notify the client as soon as possible.

3. Where a bet is accepted, or paid, but is clearly the result of technical error, we reserve the right to cancel the applicable bet. This includes, for example, the deduction of a return added to a client’s account balance as a result of an incorrectly resulted race.

4. Combet has made considerable efforts to ensure it operates in a fair, prompt and accurate manner. Save to the extent permitted by law (and only to such an extent), Combet excludes all warranties (express or implied) relating to its wagering business and shall not have any liability for direct, indirect or consequential loss, damage, expense or injury suffered by any Client.

5. Combet's liability in respect of any claim or loss shall be limited in amount to the relevant wager placed by a client.

6. Combet takes all care in ensuring information available on the website is accurate and correct, however if there is an error, Combet takes no responsibility for any wagers that may have been placed as a result and clients acknowledge that they have not relied on anything other than their own independent research when placing wagers of any kind.

7. Combet reserves the right to void any or all wagers made by any individual or group of people acting together either in an attempt to defraud Combet or to gain financial benefit through the manipulation of prices. This can include, but is not limited to, persons, relatives, organisations, bookmakers and their employees.

8. If Combet has reasons to believe the account is being operated by anyone other than the account holder, the account will be closed until such time Combet is satisfied the account is indeed being operated by the nominated account holder.

9. A rule specified on an individual market supersedes any conflicting General Rules that might otherwise apply to that market, unless the individual market rule is an obvious error.

10. Combet abides by all legislated Minimum Bet Obligations.

Responsible Gambling

1. Combet makes every reasonable effort to prevent self-excluded customers from returning and using our service. If you wish to self-exclude yourself, please contact Combet via the Contact Us  page, or by filling out the form in the Responsible Gambling section in your Client Profile section.

2. If you have self-excluded, you must not attempt to open an account or place any bets with Combet. If you do open a duplicate account whilst you are self-excluded you are fully liable for your actions and for all activity and bets placed on your account.

3. Combet does not market or promote to individuals younger than 18 years old, and we do not market to individuals for whom gambling has become a problem.

4. For more information, please refer to Combet's Responsible Gambling Policy.

5. All bets on an Account are considered to be placed and received in the State of NSW, Australia.

Dispute Resolution

1. Whilst Combet will endeavour to provide services and support of the highest quality, Combet understands that from time to time disputes may arise regarding the application of these Terms and/or the operation of the Combet wagering business. All disputes shall be dealt with in accordance with the principles outlined in this section.

2. Combet recommends our clients attempt to resolve any dispute informally by contacting Combet in the first instance.

3. Any dispute raised under this section should be made in writing to Combet, specifically identifying the correspondence as a Dispute via the Combet Contact Us page. Combet will acknowledge receipt of such disputes.

4. Combet will endeavour to resolve any dispute within 28 days of receiving and acknowledging it. During this period, Combet reserves the right to close the account of the client in order to assist with any required investigations. The outcome of the dispute shall be advised to the client in writing.

5. Should any dispute not be resolved to the satisfaction of a client, any complaint can be directed to the Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission (GWIC), the regulator of Combet. Combet agrees to be bound by any GWIC ruling, and/or regulatory finding.

Placement and Acceptance of Bets

1. Combet reserves the right at any time to refuse any bet or part of a bet without providing a reason or advance notification. The circumstances in which we may refuse a Client's bet include but are not limited to:

  • Client is or may be less than 18 years of age;
  • Client is or may be betting on behalf of a person who is less than 18 years of age;
  • Client is or may be in breach of these Terms;
  • Client is or may be in breach of any applicable law; or
  • Client's proposed bet would present an unacceptable liability risk to our business. Whether there is an unacceptable liability risk to us for the purpose of this Rule is at Combet's discretion.

2. For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that Combet rejects only part of a bet, the Client irrevocably consents to the submission and acceptance of the balance of said bet.

3. When a client places a bet on their account, the bet is accepted by Combet after the client places, and then confirms their wager using the confirm button on the Combet website. A bet confirmation message will be received by the client, accompanied with a unique bet ID.

4. In accordance with the bet confirmation process, clients are unable to change or cancel a bet once the bet has been accepted.

5. If a client contacts Combet after confirming a bet, Combet is under no obligation to cancel the bet. However, at its discretion, Combet may consider voiding or replacing the bet with another wager, providing the event has not commenced, contact is made within a reasonable timeframe, a valid reason provided and no significant cost is incurred by Combet.

6. At all times, clients will be able to view all transactions applicable to their account, including pending and resulted bets, and where requested, print a report of these transactions.

7. The minimum bet amount for bets placed via the Combet website is 1c (one AUD cent)

8. The return for any winning bet that contains a fraction of a cent, shall be rounded up to the nearest whole cent.

9. If Combet does not suspend a market on time (i.e. before a race begins), Combet reserves the right to void any bets placed after the start of the race, ie. “In the run”. Voiding of these bets may occur during the event or retrospectively once an event is completed.

10. Combet does not accept bets over the telephone or in person. All bets are to be placed via the Combet website, located at

11. Combet does not offer Sports or other declared events.

12. Combet offers racing Win betting only. Combet does not offer Place Betting, Exotics, Multi's or Tote Products of any kind.

13. During the premarket stage (when markets are not yet up) clients may place an “Order” which is essentially a win bet at a reserve price, as nominated by the client. Orders remain open until such time as they are filled; or until a race starts, at which point the order lapses if not yet filled. Whilst orders are open and unfilled, the order may be removed, or amended, but can not be amended to a profit greater than the maximum win limit determined by Combet for that race. New orders can only be opened during the premarket stage.

14. As a responsible gambling measure, Combet provides a Max Bet button, which restricts customers to placing a maximum bet in accordance with minimum bet laws (MBL’s).

15. The odds offered by Combet and displayed on Combet’s website, may change automatically through all stages of the market. For the avoidance of doubt, any odds on display refer to Fixed Odds Win Markets only, and do not refer to any other contingency, bet type, or otherwise different wagering product/service.

Suspicious Betting

1. Combet maintains a resolute commitment to racing and wagering integrity, above and beyond it’s obligations to the Greyhound Welfare Integrity Commission (GWIC) or Liquor and Gaming NSW (L&GNSW).

2. To assure wagering integrity, Combet will monitor and analyse all bets, on both an individual and collective basis. Analysis of a client's collective betting history may result in Combet forming a view on the usual pattern of betting conducted by a specific client using their Combet account.

3. Suspicious betting behaviour may include, but is not limited to:

  • customers who appear to be placing bets on behalf of a third party

  • bets that fall outside the higher and lower end of the usual bet stake

  • bets that are placed with a high value for only a small return

  • multiple bets placed on many runners in the same race by one person, or a group of persons acting together

  • large bets placed on runners returning from a spell where the runner does not have any recent racing from

  • bets placed on a high odds runner in the same race where a trainer (or trainer's known associate) has other runners in the same race where the race contains a short priced favourite

  • noticeable lack of betting activity on a particular runner when the runner should usually be attracting betting activity

4. Any bets, including single bets that appear suspicious, or a changed pattern of betting behaviour by a client, may result in immediate permanent closure of a client’s account, temporary closure of a client’s account to allow investigation, or referral to GWIC, AUSTRAC, or another similar Government Agency.

Racing (Thoroughbred / Greyhounds / Racing)

1. All markets provided on Combet are Win Only.

2. If a runner is scratched, all bets placed after the declaration of the final field, will be refunded on that runner. All other runners will be subject to a deduction in accordance with Combet's Deduction Method.

3. If a meeting (and/or race) is abandoned or postponed to another date, all bets are void and monies refunded.

4. If a meeting (and/or race) is transferred from one racecourse (or surface) to another, all bets are void and monies refunded.

5. In the event of a race changing distance, but remaining on the same day, racecourse, and surface, all bets will stand.

6. Combet reserves the right to cancel any bet where Combet considers the bet is unfairly advantaged in regards to starting times of events. In the event of a bet being cancelled, Combet will notify the customer as soon as possible.

7. In the event of a Dead Heat, tickets will be paid out at face value divided by the number of Dead Heating winners of the event.

8. Combet's service is intended for Bona Fide Clients, that is, those clients who act at all times in good faith, sincerely, without fraud or intentions of manipulation.

9. Combet reserves the right to refuse the whole or part of any wager.

Deduction Method

1. Combet’s deductions are shown as percentages and are mathematically calculated to two decimal places for accuracy and fairness for the benefit of both Combet and the client.

2. For the purposes of Deductions, the following definitions apply in this section:

  • Scratched Horses Price: Price at time of scratching

  • Market Percentage: Market percentage at time of scratching

3. If there is a scratching in a race, Combet calculates the deduction as follows:

  • (100 / Scratched Horses Price)/ Market Percentage

  • Ie 100 / $7.00 = 14.29 / 120% = 11.91%

4. If a second horse is scratched, the above method is applied to the second horse as follows:

  • Ie 100 / $6.00 = 16.66 / 120% = 13.88%

5. However, as a result of the second horse being scratched, and in fairness to the client (to avoid the practice of “double dipping”) a reduction must be applied to the first runner. This reduction is calculated as follows:

  • First Horses Deduction x (1 - Second Horses Deduction)

  • E.g. 11.91% x (1 - 13.88%)

  • 11.91% x 86.12% = 10.26% (New Deduction for First Horse)

6. If a third runner is scratched, the initial deduction method is applied to the third horse as follows:

  • Ie 100 / $5.00 = 20.00 / 120% = 16.66%

7. However, as a result of the third horse being scratched, (and in fairness to the client) a reduction to all previous runners must be applied as shown below:

  • First Horse: 10.26% x (1 - 16.66%) = 8.55%

  • Second Horse: 13.88% x (1 - 16.66%) = 11.57%

8. The same process occurs for each additional scratched horse.

9. In the event that two horses are scratched at the same time, their deductions are calculated as per the original method as laid out under item 2.

10. In the event there was a previous scratching (or scratchings), and for the purposes of calculating the reduction of the earlier runner (or runners), the deductions of the two runners scratched at the same time would be added together.

11. All deductions are calculated off the runners price, at the exact time it is removed from the market.

12. Combet endeavours to remove a runners price as soon as it is made aware of the scratching.

13. Combet reserves the right to reduce a deduction if it is unfairly high. For the avoidance of doubt, this adjustment will always weigh in the favour of the customer.

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